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Redis 2.6 is finally out and I think that now that we reached this point we'll start to see how the advantages of a release that was already exploited in production by few, will turn into a big advantage for the rest of the community.

Scripting, bitops, and all the big features are good additions but my feeling is that Redis 2.6 is especially significative as a step forward in the maturity of the Redis implementation. This does not mean that's bug free, it's new code and we'll likely discover bugs especially in the early days as with every new release that starts to be adopted more and more.

What I'm talking about when I say Redis 2.6 is more mature is that it is in general a more "safe" system to run in production: latency spikes due to mass-expire events or slow disks are handled much better, the system is more observable with the software watchdog if something goes wrong, MONITOR itself shows commands before their execution and as they were sent by the client, slaves are read-only by default, if RDB persistence fails Redis stops accepting new writes by default, and I can continue with a list of features and fixes that are the result of experience with bad behaviour in production of the 2.4 release.

Now the followings are the tasks at hand:

* Redis Sentinel
* Redis Cluster
* Redis 2.8
* All the small advantages that will make 2.8 a safer release compared to 2.6

I don't want to comment too much but let me say this: in the next months you'll see Redis Cluster to become reality.

For now we can enjoy Redis 2.6 and see how our wondeful community will take advantage of it :-)
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