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h2s writes about Linus:

"I love this guy's balanced approach to steering the kernel. Somebody asked whether a bunch of security-related patches would be getting into Linus' tree, and his response was great.
Basically, he spent a few minutes explaining how security people tend to think that problems are either security problems or not worth thinking about. They see things in black and white and only care about increasing security at any cost. He said performance fanatics can be the same in their approach to improving performance, and he tries not to treat security or performance patches as being too massively different from any other types of patches such as ones for correctness.
Also, a big fuck-you to this trend for shoehorning mindless Reddit memes into everything. Who the fuck wastes a question to Linus Torvalds on "Do you like cats?".

Very good points, IMHO.

Yesterday during the Redis conf there was as usually a complain about Redis not binding only to by default. Guess what? Redis is a networked server and in many setups clients are not in the same box. In most setups the server is not exposed to internet at all. So why on the earth to save people that put Redis servers exposed on the internet I should ruin the experience of all the other guys?

Btw the original link of the comment is this: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4687624
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