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After the "sexism gate" I started to use my Twitter account only for private stuff in order to protect the image of Redis and/from my freedom to say whatever I want. It did not worked actually since the reality is that people continue to address you with at-messages about Redis stuff.

But the good outcome is that now I created a @redisfeed account that I use in order to provide a stream of information to Redis users that are not interested in my personal tweets  not related to Redis. Anyway when I say some important thing regarding Redis with my personal account, I just retweet in the other side, so this is a good setup.

However... I wonder if Twitter is missing an opportunity for providing a better service here, that is, the concept of "channels".

Basically I'm a single person, but I've multiple logical streams of informations:

1) I tweet about Redis.
2) I tweet about other technological stuff.
3) I say things related to my personal life.
4) Sometimes I tweet things in Italian language.

Maybe there are followers interested in just one or a few of these logical channels, so it would be cool for Twitter users to be able to follow only a subset of the channels of another twitter user.

Probably this breaks the idea of simplicity of Twitter, but I'm pretty sure there are ways to present such a feature in an interesting way: by default all users have a single channel and following them in general means to follow all the channels, it is only as a refinement and only if the user created multiple channels that you can fine-tune what you follow and what not, so basically the added complexity would be minimal.

I'm pretty sure that now that Twitter is designed with the average user in mind such a feature will never be implemented actually, without to mention that this may add some serious technological complexity to their infrastructure, but maybe in the long run such a feature may be more vital than we believe now because it is pretty related to the "information diet" concept.
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